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Company : One Asia Company Ltd.

Introduction : At OneAsiaCompany, we develop healthy beauty products for all as the first great step of an internationally recognized 100-year corporate project. OneAsiaCompany has developed cosmeceutical products which combine lactic acid culture technology with medical procedures that normalize damaged tissue. Through 6 kinds of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, we will help you get back bright, healthy skin with no complications. Made from healthy ingredients and nature-friendly oriental medicine, our products are safe for use by pregnant women and young children. ‘Beauty for All’ is the first and the only objective of OneAsiaCompany. We realize beauty for everyone by conducting continuous research and development with a variety of complementary brand portfolio.

Country: Republic of Korea 

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Face Mask

Website : http://eng.oneasiacompany.com/

Phone : +82 70-8616-4199

Email : oneasiacompany@naver.com

Address : 303, Cheonjam-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "One Asia Company Ltd."

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Zero Complex A.C Mask Pack

6 types of lactic acid bacteria, including Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, act on the skin to give clean and baby soft skin.

Researched and developed by a research team made up of dermatologists, oriental medicine specialists, and Chinese medicine professors, ZERO COMPLEX A.C MASK PACK is a healthy, nature-friendly product, and the essence of accumulated technology.

- Mildly acidic daily care with a pH5.5 for healthy skin.

- Gives clean and clear skin by removing excess sebum in pores.

- Eliminates keratin build-up and other triggers of skin inflammation.

- Overnight fast relief.

Zero Complex Foot Pack

Made from 99.9% natural ingredients, clean and pure foot extract contains natural substances that do not harm the human body and the environment.

The waterproof cover makes it possible to walk but as much as possible, do not use it while moving about. The keratin layer becomes thinner with time. Do not wash feet with water after removing the foot pack. Let them dry naturally.

- Keratin care moisturizing removes foot odor.

- Healthy natural ingredients.

- Good lactic acid bacteria and oriental medicine.

- Easy to use.

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