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Company : 3LLABS

Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2010

Introduction : They developed a core technology of pressure sensors and data analysis and by 2014 they showcased a prototype of FootLogger at CES in Las Vegas.
FootLogger captures a user's footprint in a consistent and comfortable manner and analyzes the biometric data to improve gait, diagnose diseases, increase athletic performance, and enhance daily life.
Company mission is to develop and produce sensing devices that can improve lives. 3L Labs' wearable
technology can identify individual biomarker patterns that can be analyzed and transmitted to users,
families, coaches, doctors, and hospitals to help change behavior and prevent disease.

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FootLogger Features:-

- Comfortable and lightweight insole footprint sensor
- Battery life of 24+ hours per charge
- Patented pressure sensor insole – flexible, durable, low energy consumption, dependable, competitive pricing
- 3-axis accelerator sensor
- Different types of sensors can be added
- Memory capacity of 50,000 footprints (50 Hz)
- Wireless data transfer (BT)
- Wireless charging (50 mm)

- Wireless charging (50 mm)
- Wireless data transfer (Bluetooth - WiFi Gateway)
- Firmware Auto Upgrade

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