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Introduction : Cosmetics make you beautiful like a rose, but be careful as it might prick your
health and the environment. We will focus to improve and consider each and
every issue that arises from our products.
4 OUR SKIN's brands represent our philosophies and values. We give you our
word to provide reliable products and services for not only for people but also
for a green world.

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TUPS Pro M-GF Intensive KIT Features 1. TUPS M-GF KIT provides products for skin care salons, and is used for professional skin care. Our brands are currently distributed to skin care salons and dermatologies in Korea, and shows good clinical test results for skin-Brightening and elasticity. 2. We also enhanced the functionality of TUPS such as brightening and anti-aging by using carefully selected safe materials only.
TUPS Pro M-GF Intensive Cream Features 1. This skin regenaration cream is commonly used in skin care salons and dermatology clinics and is suitable for treating needle marks after skin care such as botox, fillers, MTS, and stamps. It is also effective for skin soothing, whitening, lifting and wrinkle improvement. 2. MGF Cream makes it feel so good moisturized and not greasy 3. M-GF Intensive Cream contains glycyrrhiza inflata root extracts and glabridin, which are effective for anitioxidant, obliterating free oxygen radical, and anti-wrinkle for more effective skin care.
TUPS Pro A.B.L Pollution Refiner Features 1. It quickly improves skin trouble by in 3 stages of exfoliation, soothing and epidermis strengthening. 2. A.H.A, B.H.A open pores to excrete wastes by exfoliation and Beta-glucan moisturize them to help lessen the secretion of sebum and then Lactobacillus sooth skin finally. 3. Effective for acne and any skin troubles caused by wastes 4. This reduces skin problems for your whole body, including face,neck, back, chest, etc. 5. You can use it focusing the affected spots in the daytime and spread it on wide area in the night for foliating and keeping PH balance simultaneously thanks to the portable small package of 5ml
TUPS Pro M-GF Ampoule It contains ß-glucan, which soothes skin by curing skin diseases, and possesses excellent moisturization functionalities that protects your skin by forming a water overcoaton the skin surface. Tanin, a substance contained in castenea sativa chestnut shell extracts, has anti-inflammatory and sebum control effects, and not only tightens and minimizes enlarged pores but also brightens your skin by deactivating tyrosinase. Features 1. Dual functionality ampule with skin-lightening and anti wrinkle effect that makes your skin bright and tight by recover-ing skin energy balance.

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