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UM 400/4SP The 4-head UM400/4SP,developed by the advanced technology of UGINT,the machine tool specialist company,is able to bring productivity innovation to the market with more than four times the efficiency and economics efficiency of other companies'single spinndle equipment. - Productivity more than 4 times - Investment cost of Machine & Factory less than 50% - 4 sets of spindle,Efficiency more than 4 times
L1600/2100 Economical CNC lathe: that has the best performance per price - Slant bed with rock-solid rigidity - Minimizes heat distortion with the most optimized unit-module structure - The best fitted lathe for both of mess & flexible manufacturing cell - Rapid traverse:36m/min(1.417ipm) - Trustable work process with servo motor indexing turret (0.2sec/index) - Enables heavy duty cutting with high-speed (all axes are roller guide) - Create cost reduction on factory investment through the unique design matrix by UGINT - User centered design to give users the best accessibility to make work

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