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VIVADD heating mask The Vivadd heating mask is a carbon heating mask. Use infrared thermal function to maximize absorption rate of cosmetics Carbon fiber is comparable to conventional electric heating element (LED mask) This product increases electricity consumption by 30-40% and internal electricity No air pollution using radiant heat from electricity. Easy to control temperature, risk of fire due to open circuit There isn't. Functions and effects of far infrared rays (6 main effects) The far-infrared rays projected into the body are approximately 40 mm long. By penetrating the subcutaneous tissue and activating the skin cells, It shows the following effects. (Data Source: Far Infrared Society) Thermoregulation - Extends capillary vessels to maintain smooth circulation and body temperature at appropriate temperature Fermentation-promotes growth by helping cell tissue Neutralization-activation of cellular tissue to discharge body wastes and Neutralize Odor Dry action - maintaining adequate moisture in the human body Self-purification - balanced nutrition Resonance - seeps deep into the body and makes it heat up. Maintaining rapid body temperature.

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