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Company : ARIULHYEONFOOD Co., Ltd.

Ariul Hyun Food has maintained its business so far with the CEO's experience in the same industry and passion for traditional food, and with the motto of "Remember Mom's Hand Taste in Damgaon," it thoroughly manages all processes from warehousing to packaging, making a product that anyone can eat with confidence. We strive to create jobs for the vulnerable by actively hiring those who are vulnerable to employment, and to promote traditional Korean food to our neighbors and multicultural families through regular donation activities and kimchi-making events.

Country: Republic of Korea | President: Hyeon Ju Shin

Year Established : 2012 | No. of Employees : 7

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Kimchi

Website : http://damgaon.co.kr/

Phone : +82 63-468-7337

Email : jhs0193327092@nate.com

Address : 179 Daehak-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

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Napa Cabbage Kimchi (Pogi Kimchi)


   -Kimchi is made with low salt pickling, salted fish, and broth, which determine the taste of kimchi, and containsthe taste of mom.


   - With participation in the sodium reduction project, it is not pickled with about 8% of low salt.

   - It is a kimchi that has a great taste because all the ingredients in the broth are dried at high temperatures andthen powdered and added to the seasoning.

   - Reduce sodium by using salted seafood, broth, and stir-fried salt, which determine the taste of the seasoning,and the texture of cabbage is live kimchi.

   - It is Kimchi which is certified as traditional food.

   - Aborted Kimchi(Mat Kimchi) is seasoned with cabbage cut into bite-sized pieces, and is popular among single-person households, honbab, and campers who prefer simple food because it is easy to eat andeasy to move.


   - It is made of kimchi using cabbage grown for about 90 days, so it is not tough but not tough texture.

   - Kimchi is rich in lactobacillus, so it digests well, and red pepper in kimchi seasoning is rich in vitamins.

Aborted Kimchi (Mat Kimchi)

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