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Introduction : developed new LED light source technology of high luminance integrated waterproof LED
and have built a merged one-stop system ASTRONIX LS!
ASTRONIX LS has established to create a business vision and high added value as a leader company of LED lighting industry while realizing supply of customized products to the ocean field & defense industry & private industry field. Furthermore, we developed new LED light source technology of high luminance integrated waterproof LED and have built a merged one-stop system including development, production and sales of LED lighting products for commercialization.

We accelerate the growth in next generation lighting industry through consistent research and development of LED devices with waterproof, explosion-proof and no-current shielding technology, which is a new technology installed in LED lighting module and manufacturing technology of high luminance integrated package which is a core technology of LED lighting source. In addition, we will be a company that always communicates with customers by securing global market and intellectual property rights of combining LED waterproof package device manufacturing technology which is differentiated and high luminance integrated package device on ocean industry and defense industry in LED lighting.

ASTRONIX LS has built the growth-based in the future by focusing on development of the key components of the system control solution for commercialization which is combining LED lighting module system, LED lighting system, solar light source and LED light source component specialized in defense & ocean & private procurement market where is LED lighting industry field of the next generation in renewable energy. We are developing and commercializing high luminance integrated LED package, which is developed and commercialized based on 30W-class and 50W-class package device manufacturing technologies equipped with waterproof, explosion proof, bulletproof and no- current shielding technology. Based on the stabilized production quality system, we create the infinite value of the company by realizing the best technology, the best quality and the impression of customer service in the rapid change of the society of the high-tech industry.We, all of employees, promise that do the best to expand the brand image and maximize the enterprise value through the advancement of global market, further advancement of leading LED company in oversea, a preemption of technological competition and expansion of ESCO (Energy Saving Company) marketing business in the future.

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LED Semiconductor Integrated Waterproof High Brightness LED Chip (LED Semiconductor) High brightness 1w die chip was developed by applying a new integrated packaged manufacturing technology on a new material metal PCB substrate. This is a patented new light source semiconductor is manufactured by mixing self-developed new substance(chemical) and liquid epoxy POSPO in manufacturing process and coating on the LED die chip with 100% waterproof technology on the LED die chip (semiconductor). This integrated LED 30W chip (semiconductor) product outputs 105lm per 1W, high brightness, high output white LED light source without the semicircular lens. It is a new light source LED lighting is equipped with underwater/deep water exploration, explosion-proof and dustproof functions. After installing integrated LED white waterproof chip (semiconductor) in aluminum casing, the lighting can be adjusted 360 degrees. Developed a system where electricity from ship and automobile engine turn to 32VDC. Automatic conversion system from commercial power 80VAC-230VAC to DC power and underwater no current electricity controlling technology.
LED LIGHT LED Lighting for Underwater Work / Deep Water Exploration Underwater and deep water missions, offshore plant, special industry LED lighting SPECIFICATION :- Product Use Underwater lighting / deep water lighting / maritime rescue & relief lighting / Shipbuilding lighting / port security lighting / military base lighting Product Characteristics - Manufactured with a high brightness 100% waterproof LED chip (semiconductor), there is no deformation due to water / atmospheric pressure. - Stable and high brightness light source even in murky underwater. - High workability and mobility with throw-type and ship or structure attach-type - Sturdy product with low damage from billets and cannonballs and able to withstand over 1-ton of load. - Anti-corrosive even in salt water and high durable against chemical substances. - Maritime, DC28~32v-powered, and can use the land AC220v. - LED chip, power converter and parts can be easily and quickly replaced. Key Users - Special rescue & relief situations - Oilfield developers and deep water resources developers - Special lighting for navy, army and air force - Shipbuilding & repair companies - Civilian & industry plant lighting.

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