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Company : BK Beauty

Year Establishment : 2010

Main products: Main business of BK BEAUTY is Cosmetic OEM/ODM/OBM.
BK Beauty goes beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) business and sells
the products of customers who order product of OEM together through our global distribution network.
Company offer customers a number of solutions from various research centers and factories desired by
customers through collaboration with manufacturing companies and research centers in Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. You can trade our excellent products from various companies at low prices.
Company produce products with various brand registration for clients and provide one-stop service in marketing and sales.

Products by "BK Beauty"

Main Items

Product Name Description
BK Contour Oil Drop Essence A gel-type capsule essence with highly concentrated water-soluble moisturizing ingredients that delivers brilliantly clear skin changes. Over 95% natural oil containing rich vitamins and minerals for radiance and moisture at the same time!
BK Diana Hyaluronate Essence Maximization of active ingredients The effect of the active ingredient is further maximized and the irritation is lowered. Selected ingredients considering safety and efficacy are used for necessary ingredients, and the absorption rate of active ingredients has been increased. Basic care Cosmetics that value the basics through ingredient research and development Reasonable Recipe It is an effective product that removes unnecessary ingredients, and is a reasonable product according to skin problems. Maximizing the absorption rate of active ingredients, you can easily manage with essence without toner or lotion.

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