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Company : CHAE YEON GA

Country : South Korea

President : LIM CHAE HONG

Introduction : Chae Yeon-yon's food is made from local farmers who farmed or raised in Edo is created.
Nature varies from season to day every hour
We aim for healthy food that captures expression.

Products by "CHAE YEON GA"

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Product Name Description
GINGER SYRUP This is ginger syrup made from press juice extraction ginger after starch is separated through 24-hour settling process, and the juice extract liquid is boiled for 9 hours and fermented for 172 hours.
Ballon Flower & Pear Grain Syrup This is a healthy tea made from pears and bellfrower roots simmered for a long time. This is good for bronchial tubes. The sweet taste is from pear extracts, and the bellfrower roots are grown for more than five years.
Wild-simulated Ginseng and Pear Syrup To prevent the tea from being too sweet, pears are concentrated for the sweet base. It is a healthy tea made from extracts of mountain ginseng, which is Hamyang’s representative produce, with jocheong (traditional grain syrup) added.

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