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Company : CUBE BIO

Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2011

Introduction : CUBEBIO is an in vitro diagnostic company specializing in research and development as well as commercialization of medical devices for only cancer detection and diagnosis by using urine as a specimen.

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Biosensor Biosensor is manufactured using screen-printed elctrodes based on electrochemical analysis method. It is used in the Sensor kit for CMDD series and is also used for CSDD.

Measures metabolites in urine in one-trillionth level of high resolution to detect cancer with high accuracy

Easy to be stored by both mediacal professional and non-medical professional

Continuous expansion of the list diagnosable cancer and disease types through the development of additional biosensors

The biosensor is an inexpensive disposale product
Sensor Kit Sensor Kit is a disposable product which should be used in combination with CMDD series (CMDD-20, CMDD12, CMDD-04, CMDD-04M) for measuring the concentration of metabolites in urine to detect cancer.

- All-in-one structured kit
- Components : Sensor tray and Specimen tray
- 12 biosensors attached to the connectors of the Sensor tray
- 12 cells of the Specimen tray includes 3 different types of solution
- Urine specimen is to be dispensed in each cell
- Cells arecovered by sealing film to prevent the overflow and cross-contmination of solutions
- Sterlized, vacuumed, and packaged
- Diagnoes 6 types of cancer ( Breast, Colorectal, Stomach, Lung, Liver, Pancreatic)
CSDD CSDD is a Cancer Self-Diagnostic Device for single users.
Total of 3 biosensors are used for a single diagnosis and each biosensor needs to be inserted at a time.

- Personalized products
- Easy to store and carry
- Availability of self-diagnosis

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