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Company : Daechang Food

Originated from "Daechang Store", Daechang food has been established since 1979 with "Honor and Integrity as the company's core values.About 40 years, "Daechang Chusan Seaweed has been famous fro superior product's quality and full customer satisfaction.That is the reason why Daechung food's products have been named as "Premium Seaweed" by both global and domestic customers.
Many customers enjoy our products in various ways,such as with hot steamed rice or light snack.To produce premium seafood, Daechang Food has beeen pursuing "great place to work" with our committed employees to satisfy to the needs of our loyal customers.One of the ways we consider our customers as honored guests is product portfolio diversification to respond each customer's taste golbally.Continuous our R&D efforts, the various lines of products introduced ; such as Wasabi flavoured for Japanese Customers, and Kimchi flavoured for our Thai Customers. In addition, we are trying to high quality products by aaproved various food quality certificates.

Country: South Korea | President: Jeong Hyeontaek

Year Established : 1979| No. of Employees : 

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Sushi,Seasoned Seaweed, Roasted Seaweed,Dried Laver


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