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Company : Daehong Kostech

Country : South Korea

President : Jin Dug-Soo

Year Establishment : 1900

Introduction :
Daehong Kostech Co.Ltd.aims to provide customers with optimal solutions for a comprehensive
range of steel & metal issues,including procurement,quality and technical matters and to contribute
to enhancing our customer's comepetitiveness to ensure co-growth and researching into purchasing cometitiveness
logistic system,production technology,and material characteristics,Daehong Kostech Co.Ltd is taking a leap into
global hidden champion as a steel & metal solution provider based on our customer confidence and patronage.
We are going to continue toserve our customers from their viewpoint and prespective.

Products by "Daehong Kostech"

Main Items

Product Name Description
Hot Rolled Steel The thick plate generally adopts a relatively thik hot-rolled steel plate mainly produced by a 4-degree reversible type rolling mill,and a plate with thickness of 6mm or more is called a thick plate while a plate whith thickness of 100mm or more is called an ultra thick plate. These plates an important welded structure as a member of framework,and the major required character include chemical comoosition,material,dimension,shape,surface,internal quality,etc.Additional requirements,including weldability and processability may be raised depending on the application.
High Tensile Steel Advanced High Strenght Steel has its tensile strenght og 50kgf/D or more,which is higher than that of regular steel. It is made by adding silicon,manganese,nickel,chrome,and copper to carbon steel that contains about 0.2% of carbon.High-tensile steel plates may use thinner plates than regular steel plates to meet the same saftey standards and are a key element in the lightweighness required by the automotive industry in recent years. High Tenile Steel(SAPH440,SPFH590,ASTM A715-40-80,A607-45,55A715-50)

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