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Company : DEEPNOID

Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2008

Introduction : Deepnoid is committed to improving human health and quality of life through artificial intelligence .
The world Deepnoid dreams of,
Medical AI is helping research, diagnosis, and treatment of a much wider range of diseases than today.
It is to increase the usability so that it can give practical help to the medical field work than it is now.
Toward these values, Deepnoid is challenging at the forefront of the 4th artificial intelligence industry.
Based on a continuous and integrated all-in-one medical artificial intelligence platform for accurate and efficient research and an artificial intelligence clinical decision support system for actual clinical application, a virtuous cycle of medical artificial intelligence ecosystem is established, andplatform users' voluntary participation and interaction It has a business structure that promotes.

Main Markets : Korea

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DEEP:PHI DEEP:PHI is a web-type platform that allows users to upload data and perform data preprocessing, artificial intelligence learning, and clinical verification through a modular pipeline. Each module can be used in the form of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) without the need for programming knowledge or coding, so it can be easily used even if you are not a programming expert. In addition, by providing various sample projects in addition to the provided manuals and video tutorials, even users without basic knowledge of artificial intelligence can easily understand and use them with only a short time training. It is suitable for explaining the step-by-step schematic diagram and the big picture of artificial intelligence, so it can be used for artificial intelligence education purposes. ?DEEP:PHI is a platform that enables intuitive AI model design without coding through GUI-based pipeline technology. Since various image processing modules and neural network modules are provided as standard, medical AI models can be completed through a simple connection process. It reports AI learning results in various ways and provides the function to collaborate with other researchers if necessary. All projects and modules of DEEP:PHI can be shared and used as a platform to increase synergy of research.

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