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Company : Dequa Co. Ltd.

DEQUA values the coexistence of nature and human beings, research and development, and humanism as the values of the company. Through this, we are researching and developing anti mosquito LED lamp, water treatment, shade, etc. and supply to humanity.
Dequa is trying to make a company which is to coexist with people, nature, and technology together.The importance of waster as the top priority of corporate management. We are pursuing a steady work in the field of environment based on high quality products such as anti mosquito lamp, water treatment systems.
All employees in Dequa company will continue to make clean, stable water resources and eco friendly solar power through bold changes, challenges and new technology development. We aim to give eco-friendly future to the customers.Dequa is investing and developing to create better value through humanism as the future is uncertain.

Country: South Korea 

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Mosquito Repellent

Website : www.dequa.co.kr

Phone : +82 63-212-9645

Email : dequa@naver.com

Address : ‌Office 114, 945-6 Girin-daero, Dongsan-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

Products by "Dequa Co. Ltd."

Main Items

Product Name


Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp

1. Mosquito Repellent using human harmless LED wavelength

2. Noiseless, Odorless, UV products, eco friendly

3. Specific light wavelength that apply only to mosquitoes.

4. Secure photobiological stability

5. Demonstration test on mosquitoes completed

6. Harmless to human body


1. USB type: DC5v

2. Socket type: base26, 220v, 50-60Hz


EN35: USB type effective range of 2m, 3.5w

EN56: USB type effective range of 6m, 5.6w

EN85: 220v, effective range of 10m, 8.5w

Window Insulation Film

Insulating sheet for window that regulates the temperature and blocks UV


1. 97.6% UV Protection

2. Thermal shutdown

3. Heavy metals not detected

4. Attach to glass window only with spray

5. Desorption is easy (non-adhesive)

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KTE TRADING CO.,LTD (Head office) 986,988, Srinakarin Rd, Pattanakarn, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250.

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