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EYEKIKITM E-patch EYEKIKITM E-patch is a device used for the treatment of amblyopia, and its operating principle is the principle of helping to develop the function of amblyopia caused by periodic and intermittent self for healthy eyes. Children's amblyopia patients can use EYEKIKITM glasses to act like glasses in their daily lives.
Benefits of EYEKIKITM Glasses
There is no need to monitor whether it is working on an hourly basis .
Periodic occlusion can increase treatment compliance because it provides comfort for children's daily life.
Periodic masking helps eye movement in both eyes
This technique helps Children and his parents do their daily life.
High treatment conformity means high treatment efficiency..

EYEKIKI is an SMA electronic patch using a 3D lens.
As a medical device for occlusion treatment of children's amblyopia, the former is a Lim patch using 3D lens technology.
It saves the trouble of attaching the existing sticker-type masking patch and relieves the financial burden of long-term use.

EYEKIKI is made of high-performance Grilamid TR90 material to provide a safer feeling of action.
TR90 is a highly functional material that does not release environmental hormones and is harmless to the human body, has no chemical reaction with sweat or moisture, and has excellent durability, chemical resistance, shock resistance, and fatigue strength. It is suitable for active children because it is light and has strong tensile strength.
The child device can set the desired treatment time through the SMART App function.
By adjusting the treatment time and stop time according to the children's daily activity time pattern, you can use it without fear of others' eyes.

EYEKIKI has 99.8% UV self-determination, visible light cut-off effect, blue light self-cutting (new 0~50%m 71.3%).
Using functional lens, it provides a safer environment for children to use.

Children can set the desired treatment time with the mobile phone through the SMART App function.

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