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Gahyeon Co Ltd (Fishery Company) and Gahyeon Foodville Co Ltd based on the latest manufacturing facility, make their efforts to produce hygienic, reliable safe food and healthy, delicious food and create a new food culture with good balance between food and culture Through continuous research and quick and accurate logistics delivery system, the companies contribute to the development of customers' food.
Our Gahyeon laver is committed to providing our customers with honest and good products, so that our company can share a healthy life with customers and affluent lives with fishermen.
We produce all products honestly and hygienically with our dedicated heart and mindset, mindset,"Our food is for our own family members.
Using high quality raw laver collected directly from the clean sea, which is the southern coast of Korea, we add the natural taste, aroma, color and nutrition to our products.
In addition, we have a large scale factory and sanitary production line with the latest automation system that can continuously produce quality laver products based on the traditional method.
In addition, to keep our products fresher, we set up a separate low temperature warehouse for storing our finished products (those products always are ready for shipment) This enables us to keep the product fresh even in hot, humid summers.
Growing into a Global Hidden Champion
Gahyeon Co Ltd (Fishery Company) and Gahyeon Foodville Co Ltd wish to establish themselves as a " in the food industry that provides healthy and safe food that people all over the world can trust, as it gains global competitiveness by developing the best eco friendly food with the best taste and quality and future alternative foods.

Country: South Korea | President: Kim, Gun Woo

Year Established : | No. of Employees : 

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Gahyeon Gim (cut Seasoned Seaweed) original, Gaheyon Seasoned Seaweed Flakes, Sliced Wakame Seaweed of King's First Choice, Sliced Kelp of King's First Choice, Dried sea mustard, Dried sea tangle.


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