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Company : Green Estelle Co. Ltd

Introduction : Green Estel means green, which symbolizes eco-friendliness and nature, and volatile esters or esters, which are organic compounds that give a scent to fruits. It is a biohealthcare material company to develop biomaterials that are harmless to humans.

Since its founding, it has been carrying out various innovative things to connect with practical materials using advanced technology researched and developed up to the present. It is spreading out.

Our Green Estelle by all employees strive along in biotechnology healthcare industry becomes an important sustainability (Sustainability) stability of raw material supply and demand to study the economic and social value using domestic natural outstanding product development to lead the global biotechnology healthcare industry I will go out.

Year Establishment : 2020

Country : South Korea

Products by "Green Estelle Co. Ltd"

Main Items

Product Name Description
KIWISKINLAB Inif Hand Cleaner Gel Inif Fresh, Romantic, and Sweetie are hand sanitizers with three types of natural scents, which contain 70% ethanol content and have completed 99.9% sterilization powertest for five types of harmful bacteria. The size of the product is a pocket size that can be carried in a handbag or pocket, and it has 35ml and 50ml capacities. To prevent Carona 19 hand sanitizer is designed with a bright color that is easy to find anytime, anywhere and can be used frequently.
KIWISKINLAB Green Relief Moisturizing Hand Cream It's an attractive hand cream with a fresh and sweet citrus scent, so it's not sticky even if you apply it several times, and it's in 50g capacity.
KIWISKINLAB Milk Boy All in One Daily Skin it is a "mild" all-in-one skincare product for men that combines only mild hypoallergenic cosmetics ingredients needed for men with skin, lotion, and essence. It's function is skin condiotioning, skin calming, and cooling, so it can be used for men's aftershave and it's a 100ml product.

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