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Country : South Korea

President : Il-joo Ko

Year Establishment : 2007

Introduction : We at HANKUK MOLD are making all of the efforts for the technical development and customer satisfaction with the Management Ideology, “We consider human beings and promises very important by pursuing new things while seeing the future with big eyes”.
Our products are various from the complicated ultra-precision products to large ones for the interior and exterior parts of vehicles. And we are realizing the high quality and delivery in time by utilizing the CAD, CAM and CAE systems.
In addition, we are taking a lead for cultivating the sustainable management activities and the future foods through the consistent R&D and the development of new projects.
We ask your continuous support and interests in years ahead and all of our executives and employees will make the efforts to be the eternal partners for your company with our creative and sincere minds while having a hope for the new millennium.

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This product type use plastic as its raw material and improves the quality and stability of the end product with its lightweight and free-curved characteristics. The types of mold include BUMPER mold, INSTRUMENT mold, DOOR MODULE mold and CARRIER mold, and process methods include double injection, insert injection and gas injection


Otherwise known as a dashboard, it is a representative part of automobile interior component, where all the information necessary for driving is displayed, including the instrument panel, air conditioner and center fascia. It’s design element is accentuated as part of the interior design.
DOOR MODULE Interior It is installed inside the door trim to open and close the door inside and outside of the car. It’s a main frame to open and close the window.of the car, and to attach the devices such as speakers. The transition from press method to a plastic method enabled the products to be much light weight and to have a free-curvature property.
BUMPER It is a structure installed front and back of the car to cushion the impact in case of an accident, and ideally, minimize the repair cost. The bumper also has two safety features. First, it minimizes the height difference between vehicles and secondly, ensure the safety of pedestrians.

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