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Himchanmaru manufactures and sells healthy food. We are a solid patented company dedicated to research. As an award-winning company, we have been featured in the media many times.

We manufacture and sell health extracts and pills. Health extracts refer to the infusion of healthy medicinal herbs by boiling, while health pills refer to ground beneficial medicinal substances made into pills. Health extracts and health pills are also utilized as drugs or health functional food, We manufacture only in the range of food. As they are food products, anyone can eat them without worrying about side effects.

When creating a health extract, the accompanying herbal ingredients and method of brewing are equally important as the main ingredient. We hold patent rights related to snail and chicken feet extracts. This is why we are the top-selling company of snail extract online.

We have also been broadcasted many times. Although they belong to the general food category instead of health functional food, our health extracts are beneficial to people’s health.

The name of health extracts, utilized as food, is decided by the main ingredient. Himchanmaru handles two types of health extracts: snail and chicken feet. Snails and chicken feet are boiled down along with their matching herbal ingredients.

The health extract patent we hold concerns the mixing of the ingredients and extraction technology. In Korean traditional medicine, all food items have a compatibility level. It is important to mix all ingredients to highlight the benefits of the main ingredient while improving the weak ones.

Another thing worth mentioning is our extraction method. Normal extractions are carried out by boiling the ingredients in hot water for a few hours. In contrast, Himchanmaru products are extracted in low temperature under constant pressure for over 30hr. By matching ingredients and extracting them at low temperature, our products create an excellent flavor.

Our products are made with pure herbal ingredients and additives are rarely added. We believe that additives are not beneficial to health. That is why we will continue to restrain from using additives when developing new products.

Country: South Korea | President: Ha tae keol

Year Established : 2016 | No. of Employees : 2

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : healthy juice, healthy pilule

Website : http://himchanmaru.com/

Phone : +82 1566-4171

Email : htk1002@hanmail.net

Address : 15 Honamcheol-ro, Sintaein-eup, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "Himchanmaru"

Main Items

Product Name


Tuntun Hwan

This product is a type of Healthy pilule in Korea.'Health-hwan' refers to a product made like a pill that is finely ground with a good medicinal ingredient.

It is one of the Health-hwans made under six representative themes that can improve health with food.

It was created after a long period of research with cooperative researchers from the Oriental Medical Doctor and food research companies.Most of the raw materials that go into much are from Korea.

It stressed the meaning of the product's name is 'A strong body'.We made our own special recipe with natural herbal ingredients that make bones and joints good.Food for people with joint pain or weak bones.Like a dish that tastes completely different with a little content, health food can also be made healthier according to the recipe.I added good ingredients, and no additives for smell or taste.This product is food, not medicine, and passed FDA standard.

BongchuDrink Plus

BongchuDrink Plus is a new product that developed the previously popular BongchuDrink.There was some improvement in recipe overall by adding a lot of Thai galanga.If you want to make a healthy body without side effects, it is usually better to eat healthy food than medicine.BongchuDrink Plus is a superior health food that anyone can eat.Galanga is a very healthy food such as anti-cancer effect.

It suits the bongchuDrink  Original and is included in the materials for the luxury BongchuDrink Plus.

The name of this  juice is BongchuDrink Plus. Bongchu is a word that means "oriental phoenix" and is also used to express chickens favorably in oriental. Chicken feet juice may be unfamiliar ingredients abroad, In Korea, it was introduced to TV as a food that I eat when my bone joint is painful or I have a problem. It is also mentioned in old medical books in Korea, so people often eat it as a healthy food.(This product indicates that it is food, not medicine.)The main ingredients for BongchuDrink are all Korean chicken feet. In addition to chicken feet, we have added more than 20 different herbals that go well with chicken feet based on traditional medicine.

WowDrink Plus

If you want to make a healthy body without side effects, it is usually better to eat healthy food than medicine.WowDrink Plus is a superior health food that anyone can eat.WowDrink Plus is one of himchanmaru's snail herbal extracts, the number one product sold online in Korea. It is a high-end product with the addition of ‘galanga’ which is known for its good health such as anti-cancer effect. Wow is the same pronunciation of the old times snail in Korea. To mean amazingly good food, I marked it as wow with similar pronunciation. Snail juice is an unfamiliar food overseas, but it is a familiar ingredient in Korea because it is mentioned in old Korean medical books.(Dong-uibogam, Bonchogangmog.)In Korea, it is especially famous for the health food that athletes eat a lot. All snails that enter are from Korea. In addition to snails, about 20 oriental medicine ingredients (hubs) that go well with snails are added based on traditional medicine. This food is patented in Korea and passed the FDA standard. it does not preservatives, artificial flavors, colorant and additive. The snail content is about 74%. In Korea, we have achieved No. 1 online sales (based on the number of post-sale sales) and No. 1 in Customer satisfaction.It is also a sponsor company of the 'World Championship Korea Preliminary Round'(Power Lifting).

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