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Country : South Korea

President : JEONG HYEON

Introduction : Hwashin Farming Association is a company that makes a variety of well-being foods and processed products with kites grown eco-friendly in Hamyang, Jeongjeong area.Hwashin Spiritual Union is working hard to produce safe products by introducing HACCP# cost and high safety management standards.


Main Items

Product Name Description
Onion Chip(vacuum frying chip) It is a crispy healthy snack made from onions with minimized spicy taste and maximized sweetness. The ingredients are fried in the lower temperature(70?-90?) and air pressure than atmospheric pressure to prevent all carcinogen and trans fat from being generated during the frying process.
YEONNIP BAP It is a well-being healthy meal made with pesticide-free white lotus leaves and 10 kinds of grains. The individual packages make easy storage and cooking possible. The container can be used in the microwave, so you can enjoy easy and healthy meal anywhere.
Fermented Lotus Root It maximizes the volume of polyphenol, which is a antioxidant substance contained in lotus root, and mucin, which is good for stomach, by fermenting lotus root like aged garlic, and makes internal resorption of useful bioactive substances easy by inducing change of ingredient, so it is great for health maintenance. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can chew 2-3 pieces a day like snacks.

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