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Company : Hyunju Company

President : Choo hyun hee

Country : South Korea

Introduction : Hyunju Company was founded in 2018. Hyunhee Choo, the CEO of
Hyunju Company has been worked as a clothing designer for 20 years.
After the shock of toxic substance of sanitary pad in 2017, she
developed the Bamboo Cotton Sanitary pad for the healthy life of
herself, her little daughter as well as womanhood.
We at Hyunju Company has been producing superb fabric products
such as sanitary pad in Korea and hope to enhance women’s health by using it.
We are also trying to reduce the labor cost which is especially high at
the production portion of cotton sanitary pad by introducing automated equipment.

Products by "Hyunju Company"

Main Items

Product Name Description
Bamboo Cotton Sanitary Pad Bamboo Cotton - No Harmful Chemicals
1. It is a new material (rayon) regenerative fiber made of cellulose, a pure bamboo extract that grows only in moisture and sunlight.
• Ecological eco-friendly new textile materials
• Antimicrobial, pesticide-free, chemical-free fertilizer
• More absorbent than cotton
• Drying faster than cotton
• Being able to absorb fine tissue because it's a triple jacquard.
2. Insertable Pad (Main Pad + Refill Pad)
• Washable, Reusable and Removable Sanitary Pad
• User can replace a main pad or a refill pad only according to their
visual checking.
3. Eco - friendly Sillicone Coating
Anti-slip coating to prevent movement by friction with underwear(patent-pending).
4. Eco - friendly Waterproof & Ventilationn Coating.
Anti-slip coating to prevent movement by friction with underwear(patent-pending)
Selling Points:-
1. Better Wearing Sensation & Soft Touch
Characteristic of Bamboo Cotton Thread
2. The Most Suitable Fabric for Sanitary Pad
Absorbable, breathable, antibacterial, anti-odorant.
3. Very Functional - Main Pad + Refill Pad
When Going Outside, Only Refill Pad can be carried for replacement.
4. Cost - effectiveness
Customer can purchase main pad or refill pad selectively then reuse.
5. Easy to Check and Replace
Easy to visually identify the condition and contamination of the pad.

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