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Country : South Korea

President : Changho Oh

Introduction : It was founded by Choi Eun-ah, the third daughter-in-law of oriental medicine, who has been taught how to manufacture and utilize hundreds of biopharmaceuticals and health foods invented by the world's first bamboo salt inventor and herbal cancer medical founder, Kim Il-hoon. It is manufactured according to the Salvation Spirit, the bow of Mr. Insan, and researched, developed, and sold healthy foods such as bamboo salt, mildly marinated, sarira sauce, sulfur duck, and sansam tea and only manufacture 100% natural foods that do not use any additives.


Main Items

Product Name Description
Immune Genius(500mg * 30capsule) Insan bamboo salt, copper, zinc immune functional food Zinc : necessary for normal immune function, necessary for normal cell division Copper : Necessary to transport and use iron, and to protect cells from harmful oxygen Immune health functional food used with bamboo salt, which is scientifically proven to function
9x INSAN BAMBOO SALT Completed Insan Bamboo Salt Toxicity clearance, Increase of active ingredient of bamboo and pine tree Effectiveness of Bamboo Salt Detoxication, Increase of immunity, Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory, Sterilization
Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste Bamboo salt has been known to have function of treating quickly gum infection and gum disease. Bamboo salt toothpaste developed by using bamboo salt can serve great help to strengthen tooth as well as prevent gum

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