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Automatic Fire Extinguisher Characteristic
Special fire extinguishing agent is concentrated in NANO MICROCAPSULE
Nano microcapsule (NANO MICROCAPSULE) automatically detects when fire temperature rises more than 100 degrees and fires out automatically
Extinguishing chemicals: FM-200 vs FC-227ea)
-Halon 1301 As the most stable fire extinguishing agent among alternative fire extinguishing agents, it is used in places where electrically non-conductive agents are needed, good for problems after release of drugs, and fire extinguishing agents used to extinguish fires in areas where people live at all times.
Characteristics of fire extinguishing agent
The ozone layer destruction index (OOP) is zero
Halon 1301 recommended by the US Environmental Journal (EPA)
The most effective digestive medicine among alternative medicines
The first extinguishing agent approved by UL in the U.S. for all components of the compound
Fire extinguishing agent officially approved by FM (Factory Mutual) in the United States
Fire extinguishing agent that can be used safely in residential spaces
Safely protects fire-fighting targets such as electronic products and communication equipment without damage
Clean, no residue, no cleaning after fire
“Microencapsulation of Liquid Fire Extinguishing Agents Based on Nano-Technology”
Technology for manufacturing microscopic nano-sized liquid fire extinguishing agents Technology that concentrates and stores fine particles, which are liquid activated fire extinguishing ingredients, in polymer N (on polymer) to protect the active ingredients from the surrounding environment
Components stored in capsules with a size of 1 to 10 teeth (micron) are automatically released from the capsule by detecting a set temperature rise and sprayed and digested quickly.

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