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Company : Jeongseok Chemical

Since its foundation in 1990, Jeongseok Chemical has been leading the coating industry technology of Korea

Made with technology and sincerity towards the customers, JS CHEM enhances competitiveness on various products through differentiation. Thank you!"

Country: Republic of Korea

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Safety Coating, Line Marking Paint

Website : https://jschem.co.kr/

Phone : +82 63-260-2248

Email : bluepuz@jschem.co.kr

Address : 192, Wanjusandan 5-ro, Bongdong-Up, Wangju-Gun, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "Jeongseok Chemical"

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Safety Coating

The coating products of Jeongseok Chemical for road surfaces in special zones include the two-packtype products which utilize the methyl methacrylate resin, epoxy resin and Modified acryl resin, and are

used for coating of special zones, slip prevention and grooving zones.

The product is the best choice for safety as it offers the outstanding road-adhesion, durability and wear-resistance.

Application: Anti-skid coating, coating of special zone and school zone, grooving coating, parking lines.

The product is classified by main binder and can be selected for your applications.

Line Marking Paint

Jeongseok Chemical provides a various line marking paint. The product is manufactured according to the quality standards defined under KS standard, AASHTO. It has excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, salts and water.

Application: Roadmarkings on asphalt and concrete roads& Markings on runways crosswalk line, parking line, stopline and other symbolic characters.

Paints are classified by color into white, yellow and blue; and divided into the following 5 types

depending on their type and construction method.

Waterproof Coating

The waterproof products of Jeongseok Chemical consist of urethane and epoxy products.Urethane products retain an excellent tensile strength, chemical properties which are unique tourethane, and are outstanding in elongation and elasticity.These are one of the bestproducts forindoor outdoor waterproofing of various buildings (including residential and large buildings).

Epoxy products have a relatively high degree of adhesion to concrete and metallic surfacescompared to the others, and also off er a great level of resistance to water, alkali and acid.

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