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Company : Jung Ang Steel

Since its establishment in 1998, Jung Ang Steel Co., Inc. has been manufacturing roofing material including Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tile. Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tile has been exported to more than 30 countries in the world, and its quality has been recognized as the best in many countries.

Recently, we released a new item, solar roof tile in which metal roof tile and sola panel are integrated. This Solar Roof Tile can reduce the electricity cost while maintaining a esthetic beauty.

Country: Republic of Korea

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : Solar Roof Tile, Stone Chip Coasted Steel Roof Tile

Website : www.jascroof.com

Phone : +82 63-832-3988

Email : global@jascoroof.com

Address : 5, Seogam-ro 7-gil, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "Jung Ang Steel"

Main Items

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Solar Roof Tile

Aesthetics – Unlike existing solar modules, JASCO Solar Roof Tiles match naturally with metal roof tile, enhancing aesthetics of structures.

Structural Stability – Compared to existing solar modules, JASCO Solar Roof Tiles are more durable to typhoon and earthquakes. Unlike existing installation methods, this does not require the drilling of roofing materials, making it free from water leakage.

Durability – Mineral coating protects tempered glass from damage or corrosion by U.V. or water, improving durability.

Easy Installation – Roof and solar module are installed at once, making installation convenient and efficient.

Stone Chip Coasted Steel Roof Tile


- It is the best natural disaster resistance roof tile.  


 -This is light in weight yet firm.

 -It has quality of strong wind resistant like typhoons and earthquakes.

 -It is elegant in colors and designs.

 -Easy maintenance

 -High fire resistant.

 -It has long lifespan with excellent durability.


-Its light weight is favorable for timber houses and not only for the construction of new buildings but also for the remodeling of existing roofing.

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