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Country : South Korea

President : Jung Young Kyun

Year Establishment : 2009

Introduction : It is grown and made by itself in Hamyang, Jirisan Mountain.
For ever-present, ever-present customers amidst the overflow of healthy foods.
Communicate with over 10,000 customers
In 2009, a couple in their 20s returned to farming in Jirisan Mountain, Hamyang, Gyeongsangnam-do.
Having such good ingredients in such a good place.

Products by "JUNGGANAE FOOD"

Main Items

Product Name Description
Artichoke Tea This is a tea bag of roasted Jerusalem artichoke with nutty flavor. Its flavor and aroma can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Bitter gourd Tea This is a tea bag of roasted bitter melon. It has the slightly bitter taste of bitter melon with nutty aftertaste.
Korean Medicine Tea This is an oriental medicine tea made from 11 domestic oriental medicines. It is a restorative herb medicine tea that has a delicate oriental medicine scent and mild taste.

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