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Company : Jusin Foods Co.,LTD

Country : South Korea

Introduction : We, Jusin Foods Co., Ltd., is a newly established company established in 2008 with the management team who has abundant experience in the processing of aquatic products. In recent years, HACCP certified factories have been manufacturing food products that can be eaten safely by consumers. In particular, "Natural red sea bream", which is being caught only in the East Sea of ​​Korea, is processed into a form that consumers can eat and exported to domestic, Japan, and the United States. Especially, the commercial foods produced by our company are used in high-end restaurants such as high-end restaurants and hotels, in lunch and lunch industry, schools and hospitals, and products exported to Japan are used for canning and sushi. Consumption of aquatic products, which is a typical well-being food, is increasing due to the recent spread of a well-being culture. Especially, in the case of 100% domestic and natural acid red sea bream, In line with this, we are also striving to become a manufacturer of nationwide food ingredients and household products by concentrating our efforts on product development and sales utilizing the characteristics of Uljin. We promise that we will do our best to produce and supply the best products everyday, and to be a company pursuing management aimed at customer satisfaction.

Main Markets : Japan, USA

Products by "Jusin Foods Co.,LTD"

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Product Name Description
Red Snow Crab Meat MINI - Processed sea food
- Reliable manufacturing facilities
- Locally caught snow crab
- Free from salt
Individually packaged

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