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Company : K-CEL Inc.

Country : South Korea

President : Gim Yeonggwan

Year Establishment : 2015

Introduction : Since our establishment in 2015, we have offered a variety of materials and products to environment sectors for humankind to enjoy healthy environment.
Our scope of business is mainly related to bad odors and VOCs. We provide the diagnoses of exhaust gases and apply the treatment technologies that can efficiently improve the environment. We also continue to perform R&D for water treatment.
Through our continuous research and investment, we promise to become a prominent global leader trusted by customers, with technological prowess in environmental improvement and preservation.

Products by "K-CEL Inc."

Main Items

Product Name Description
Deodorizing filter . Deodorizing filter (Active Carbon) -
This deodorizing filter is effective for purifying indoor air and removing all kinds of odor and VOCs like formaldehyde and toluene that cause sick building syndrome, which is mainly used in air cleaners and air conditioners.
Photocatalytic filter Photocatalytic filter (Impregnated active Carbon)-

Photocatalyst is a substance that causes catalytic reaction through oxidation-reduction reaction when light is absorbed. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is one of the representative photocatalytic substances.The photocatalytic filter is produced based on titanium dioxide and it shows a high degree of effectiveness in odor removal, organic matter decomposition and sterilizing action when 350~380nm of UV-LED is irradiated.The titanium dioxide (TiO2), widely used on cosmetics, whitewash and food additives, is known as a chemically stable substance which is harmless to the environment and human body.
High functional photocatalytic filter products with various supports such as ceramic honeycomb, mesh net, paper honeycomb and PP honeycomb coated with photocatalyst
Purpose - Removal of indoor odor and substances causing sick building syndrome
Application Air cleaner, air conditioner, and more
Ceramic Honeycomb Module Ceramic Honeycomb Module (Ceramic Honeycomb Catalyst)

The catalyst has been developed to remove many kinds of bad odor and harmful gases that occur at low and high temperatures and in our daily lives.We chose the shape of honeycomb, which is an ideal form for removing most of target gases without interfering in the flow or air.This deodorant removes bad odor occurring in our daily lives through adsorption method, using the broad surface area shaped like a honeycomb that promotes oxidation dissolution of such bad odor. It is the most efficient deodorizing catalyst method in the deodorant history.The active carbon used in deodorizing catalyst boasts its deodorizing effect as it has a deodorizing surface area two times larger in size than that of charcoal usually used.

Purpose - Removal of odor causing gases (NH3, H2S, (CH3)3N, CH3SH) and VOCs
Application -Removal of odor causing gases (NH3, H2S, (CH3)3N, CH3SH) and VOCs
50 ~ 400CPSI (Cell Per Square Inch )
Compact-size honeycomb Below 100mm
Features :

1. Strong deodorizing effect
Achieving highly deodorizing effect with 70-90% of malodorous density reduction rate through excellent adsorption and decomposition of odor-causing elements and mist trap effects

2. Long life
Available for long time and continuous use unlike the method of activated carbon by decomposing adsorbed odor-causing elements into odorless or less stinky substances

3. Low pressure loss
Possessing high activation surface area with honeycomb structure and optimal ventilation structure
Contacting effectively with the gases necessary for adsorption and decomposition actions and concurrently efficient in operation due to low air resistance"

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