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Country : South Korea

President : Jo Gye-cheol

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Smart Electron Scale-Zero Systems Principles
Electrostatic (ELECTROSTATIC)
High frequency (ULTRA SONIC), etc.
Corrosion suppression system
Scale prevention system
Anti-rust system
Slime Inhibition System

Renewable energy field
° Photovoltaic energy
° Geothermal energy
° Wind energy

Smart energy field
° Plasma food processor
° Group meals eco-friendly induction

Water Treatment Environment
° 4.5 L Ultra-Resistant Toilet
° Hot water treatment (Rust remover)
° Remote monitoring of water supply
Energy saving control system
Smart Monitoring Refrigeration Control System
° Electrical (power) reducer CES
° Eco-friendly, high-efficiency LED lights
Energy saving control system
Smart Monitoring Refrigeration Control System
° Electrical (power) reducer CES
° Eco-friendly, high-efficiency LED lights
Smart Clean Filtration Cooling Tower Sterilization System Cooling water is easily contaminated by various pollutants in the atmosphere, scale and slime in pipes, and contaminated cooling water causes various disorders as well as various disorders, causing numerous diseases .
•For various cooling water and cooling towers
•For pond, garden water, and excellent management
•For Spray Nozzle protection
•Cooling coil protection
•For drinking water, RO, and UF pretreatment
•For pre-treatment of water purification processes
•Filtration of industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities
•Filtration of river, sea, reservoir, etc.
•Filtration of agricultural and related water
Features :-
Automated filtration and reverse cleaning
In addition to fully automated filtration and sterilization functions, the reverse cleaning process of the filter is automatically .
Increase facility efficiency and reduce energy
Due to air pollution and worsening water quality environment, various pollutants entering the cooling water will stick to the circulation system, reducing efficiency of cooling towers and heat exchangers. Improve efficiency of various equipment by treating these pollutants with micro filter and reduce energy costs.
Hygienic water management
By preventing various microorganisms and bacteria, especially Legionella disease, which causes fatal harm to the human body, it can maintain a hygienic clean water condition.

Environmentally Friendly Operation of Facilities
In addition to scale prevention, It is an eco-friendly water treatment technology that can reduce the amount of drug used to remove particulates and microorganisms, and reduce the amount of drug waste discharged.
Filtering system Technical Features of Smart Clean Reverse Filtering
1. Reverse process Fully automated, no separate manual reverse process is required.
2. No external power is required because the pressure in the system causes a reverse force.
3. The integer process continues during the reverse phase and does not interfere with the flow of the entire system.
4. Installation is simple and no additional basic construction is required for installation.
5. Regular system shutdown time for cleaning and maintenance of filters can be reduced.
6. The status of the filter can be easily determined and controlled through the controller.
7. Saving water and simple maintenance for the station.
8. Design of equipment
9. Compact saves footprint.
Standard Filter
• Fully automatic stationary system
•No external force required
•Continuous supply of water
•Minimum pressure - 35psi
•Maximum pressure - 150psi

Optional Features
• Unlimited processing capacity
•High efficiency screen
• Various company??s?? filters
•High pressure filter (600psi)
•High Temperature Filter (250°F)

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