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Company : Korea ACC

Country : South Korea

President : Luis LEE

Year Established : 2006

No. of Employees : 12

Main Markets : EU, Japan

Products by " Korea ACC "

Main Items

Product Name Description
microfiber cleaning cloth Digital printing on 1 side + paper card ( customized printing ) + in poly bag with header.
Artworks and photos of tourist destination desired by customers on microfiber fabric

Usage: Mainly used as a cleaning agent for glasses or mobile phone

Features: Images of works of museums and art galleries are printed in the original color on a microfiber cleaner and provided.

Images and texts that buyers want can also be printed on the accompanying paper cards.Artworks and photos of tourist destination desired by customers on microfiber fabric. It is digitally printed and exported to museum art shops.
gem cloth Suede Cloth (Ivory, light blue, light grey) + 1 color logo printing. In poly bag packing.
Jewelry cleaner (distributors related to jewelry, wholesalers)
- Material: Premium Suede.
- Usage: Used as a jewelery polisher
- Features: Used for publicity, gift, sale, etc. by printing the logo and brand desired by the customer.
Excellent wiping properties with the finest fabric using Korean yarn.
It can be produced in the size desired by the customer.
It is printed and exported to jewelry-related companies.

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