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Company : KOREA B&C CO., LTD.

Country : South Korea

President : Jake, JEON

Year Established : 2016

No. of Employees : 4

Introduction : A global company that leads new beauty culture through differentiated production with excellent technology in the cosmetic and beauty industry, is a cosmetic specialized research center corporation established through joint development with the research team and professors of Department of Cosmeceutical Science, Daegu Haany University, which is the Asia best core university of the cos-medical bio industry.
A formula developed by a professor and researchers of Daegu Haany University, which specializes in the bio industry using oriental medicine, after years of professional research on the natural characteristics of the skin. DIBLANC is engineered with this extraordinary formula which is a premium and highly functional skincare product derived from oriental medicine. It will restore your skin’s natural healthy glow and beauty.

Main Markets : vegan cosmetics, lip make up

Products by " KOREA B&C CO., LTD. "

Main Items

Product Name Description
Sweetheart Tintstick It contains a lot of coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, sunflower seed oil and shea butter, which are naturally derived from ingredients. 3 in 1 sweet heart tint stick with full color.

­- Pink color expressed differently according to individual pH
­- Pink color grows darker as it gets covered
­- It contains vegetable oils to enhance adhesion and maintain moisture
­- It doesn’t get stained with just one time apply
­- Hypoallergenic tintstick for sensitive lips
Vegan Plumpingstick Vegan cosmetics made entirely from vegetable-derived ingredients, including Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Ginger Oil, and Cayenne Fruit Extract. Creamy lipstick with excellent application expresses vivid color by adhering to lips smoothly and providing an excellent lip plumping effect that restores volume and thickens lips.

­- Contains hydrogenated polyisobutene, a component of ‘Volufiline’ used in botox
­- Temporary wrinkle improvement effect by smoothing out wrinkles on the lips
­- Completion of plump and voluminous lips
­- Cruelty-Free (No Animal-derived ingredients, Animal testing
­- No Paraben, Mineral Oil and Animal Oil
Prestige Trial Kit DIBLANC Prestige Line, which is equivalent to applying an oriental medicinal broth to your face that will improve the fundamental state of your skin. Regulating oil and moisture for unbalanced skin to help soothe toughened skin, making it smooth and healthy.

1. Concentrated Medicinal Herb Ingredients
The highly concentrated medicinal herb ingredients used in Korean traditional medicine relieve skin inflammation and promote skin circulation, resulting in a powerful antioxidant effect.

2. Optimal Manufacturing Technique
Made with our special technologies such as low temperature emulsification and porous bead technology, it make the ingredients penetrate deep into skin without losing active ingredients

3. K-Beauty Award Winning Product
This DIBLANC Prestige Line has lots of good functions for the skin such as brightening, wrinkle improvement, nourishing, moisturizing and so on. With this benefits, it won K-beauty awards as high-functionality cosmetics in 2018 and 2019.

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