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Company : LabSD, Inc.

Country : South Korea

President : Yoon Seung Kim

Introduction : LabSD is a social enterprise established to provide solutions for global health or international development projects improving their effectiveness and efficiency in low and middle income countries (LMICs).
The company was founded as a spin-off of project BOM, a research organization of yonsei university severance hospital,dedicated to generate evidence for the expansion of quality eye health service coverge.
The team is consisted of a couple of global health experts and an ophthalmologist with years of experience in developing countries along with a business developer a software engineer, and two phD-level AI specialists. It is capable of not only development, but also implemention as well as clinical/impact studies of the solutions.

Products by "LabSD, Inc."

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Product Name Description
EL-OPH001 Digital Ophthalmoscope - Over 45° FOV
- Mudriatic & Non-Mydriatic
- Reasonable Price(Cost of 1/30 ~ 1/50 of a traditional desktop-type fundus camera)
- Easy to use
- Strengthen price competitiveness with the
use of used smartphones (Upcycled Galaxy 7/8)
- apply for a patent with Samsung Electronics.


- Class I Medical Device
- Mydriatic & Non-Mydriatic
- Over 45° FOV
- Smartphone based (Upcycled Galaxy S7)
- Weight: 600g w/o Smartphone
- Uses 4 AA Batteries for 5 Continuous Hours
- Image Size: 4MB (2100 x 2100 pixels, PNG) for Galaxy S7
- Compatible with Galaxy S7, S8, and S9

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10:45 AM - 16:10 PM


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