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Company : LAFIEN

Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 1976

Introduction : LADO FILTER ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of automotive oil filters, fuel filters, cabin filters
and air filters,and has been a leader in filter manufacturing with 40 years of accumulated technology and is now diversifying its business with general industrial and purpose-built filters.
LAFIEN's main strategy is customer-focused marketing activities, good quality, and forward-lookingmanagement.
We believe that LAFIEN's success is the result of continuous communication and support towards our customers, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and improve to keep pace with our customers' needs.

Main Markets : South Korea and 9 conutries in the world

Products by "LAFIEN"

Main Items

Product Name Description
Cabin Air Filter LAFIEN’s cabin filter use high quality filtration material, to filter the bacteria,pollen, dust and noxious gas, to supply fresh air. It prevent those materials to break the air condition system, supply clean air to people in cars, and it alsocan prevent the glass automization.
Oil Filter LAFIEN produce products which has the multifunctions of reinforcement of output, and reduction of fuel consumption, lengthening engine life by removing impurities. The reduction of cost through miniaturization and light weight of engine room.
Fuel Filter LAFIEN’s fuel filter which removes the impurities, stops fuel jet nozzle from filling up and a variety of filters are produced for cars, trucks, and buses including the ones which is impossible to be installed in co-system equipment.

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KTE TRADING CO.,LTD (Head office) 986,988, Srinakarin Rd, Pattanakarn, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250.

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