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Company : Nadeul

Country : South Korea

Introduction : We Nadeul co. Ltd. manufacture future heating system employing new material, carbon flexible planar heating elements, as the heatsource. As the number of those enjoying outdoor activities is soaring and accordingly, the market of the products emphasizing their portability is on increase with the diversity of such population.We keep up the good work developing and manufacturing such products as portable heating vests(waist coats), heating seats including heating cushions of the kind using second battery of mobile phone as the power, and we concentrate on both domestic and international sales with our sales networks. We promise that we will integrate our potential to upgrade the products in the development of carbon heating curtains, heating blinds, and vertical blinds. We also promise that we will supply our customers more affordable and safer like we have practiced, and we hereby ask you to watch us how we will demonstrate to be the best in the field of future heating system. Sincerely, 

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Product Name Description
Carbon Thermal Vest (Waist Coat) Heating Allows Freedom Three stage Temperature with buttons.
Air pockets by radiant
You can remove the heater from thevest and washing machine available.
Flexible heating carboon wear , Portable / Battery Driven / Patented Flexible Carbon Flexible planar Heating Elements.

Features of Far-infraredRays.

1. Excellence of radiation penetration by long wave with transferringheat.
2. Guaranteed absorption into the body better than visible lights.
3. 8-14 um of radiation , which is good for health.
4. 40m/m-50m/m of skin absorption which vibrates cells up to 2,000 times per second to ensure warmth to each cell activating the structures.
5. The radiation works for controling air-borne fungi and germ to rise.

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