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Company : Nature4

Country : South Korea

President : YongKyu Wu

Year Established : 2000

No. of Employees : 6

Introduction : The development of A.C.C. (Advanced cooling composition) begins.
Since the foundation of Nature 4 in September 2000, we have been wanting to address
the difficulties arising from the side effects created by essential goods in our daily lives.
The products that first came into our sight were diapers and sanitary pads, which we all have to use but are the cause of various skin troubles and sources of pain for some Users.
Thus, we came to think beyond a simple solution of problematic symptoms and ask questions about more fundamental aspects, such as “Can’t we lower the skin temperature to a normal level, even in an enclosed environment?” and “If it is possible, will we be able to resolve
various skin problems including diaper rash, troubles caused by sanitary pads, and bedsore?” After 20 years of research, we finally found the answer in a natural ingredient.

Main Markets : Worldwide

Products by " Nature4 "

Main Items

Product Name Description
BRUCKE KEEP COOLING HYDROGEL SOOTHING MASK A gel mask that can maximize the cooling and soothing effect on the skin with the A.C.C. ingredient.
A hydrogel that provides strong adherence.
A premium mask that offers ample amount of nourishment because its sheet is thicker than other ordinary hydrogel masks.
BRUCKE KEEP COOLING FOILGEL LIFTING MASK Foil layer structure that prevents moisture from coming out of the mask. Unlike existing foil masks, a mask that allows the skin to breathe through the split foil layer. Accelerates skin regeneration and prevents skin aging from exposure to heat by rapidly lowering and maintaining the skin’s temperature for a long period.

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