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Company : Navis

Country : South Korea

President : Dai-Sung So

Year Establishment : 2012

Introduction : NAVIS is a bedding manufacturer providing high quality and various kinds of our own Korean branded bedding specialized in Aroma bedding. NAVIS has worked hard for one goal for almost 50 years since its foundation in 1972. "Honest effort to create hygienic and comfortable bedding” is the unchanged motto that NAVIS has been keeping up to now. Strong challenges and efforts of NAVIS to make a new leap will not stop in the future. We have our own factory and handle everything from planning to ordering, cutting, quilting, packaging, and qualit inspection. Despite our high-quality functional products, we offer reasonable prices by eliminating margins.

Main Markets : Korea

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Aroma Sleep Aroma sleep is a new concept fragrance duvet(comforter) created by Navis. Aroma sleep, which contains functional microcapsules, indicates antibacterial, mite repellency, anti-allergy, and deodorant functions. Not only It blocks the habitation and reproduction of microbes which cause asthma, eczema, rhinitis, and, atopic dermatitis, but also protect sensitive skin from mite access and helps you sleep well by eliminating odors such as sweat and other. Aroma sleep wraps functional material with micro-capsule to protect from external environment and prevents change of function. Functional materials are slowly released by pressure and friction, so the timing and concentration of release can be adjusted. Even if you wash it many times, its fuctionality will not be lost and will last for a long time.

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