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Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2003

Introduction : NES is a company that has made alot of effort for development of economical energy sector considering environment in the midst of the fast-changing world.
NES pursues an alternative energy development strategy to reduce the industrial energy cost regarded as the driving force of national industry field under the international situation that the oil price is soaring daily, introducing a venture-type corporate culture based on the challenge , creativity and innovation spirits to develop innovative products in the unknown world.
NES will aggessively invest in developing new products, and nourish professional manpower who can contribute to development of people around the world.
All staff of NES will more endeavor to provide customers with the most economical and safe product and obtain the continuous and efficient synergy effect through the overseas network. Anyway please keep on eye on the future of NES emerging as an honest and substantial company based on the enterprise spirit of creativity, challenge and confidence.


Main Items

Product Name Description
Far-Infrared Film Heating Low Fare Evenly Warm Heating Effect Comfortable Heatingg Energy Saving Type of Semi-permanent Far-infrared Film Heating. The Nes far-infrared film heating system is the radiant heat heating system that emits far-infrared rays heated secondly by carbon semiconductors so it is the ultra-power saving heating system having execellent energy efficciency. it keeps indoor air pleasantly and safely by simple construction.Far - infrared film heating construction (hospital, church, kindergarten, motel , health club, officetel, cabin,etc) Advantages of NES Heating Film:- Simple Construction :- Easy and inexpensive construction and semi-permanent lifetime. The construction period is very short and the cost is much cheaper than other any work. Maintenance after installation is seldom required. Comfortable Heating :- Safe and calm heating system without firearms or motors. A far-infrared film is the radiant heat heating system and so it has no danger of fire , noise and vibration. It heats the interior of a room quickly and keeps the indoor temperature constant. And it emits far-infrared rays and anions beneficial to human bodies and keeps your family healthy. Economics Heating :- Inexpensive operation expenses (induding electric charges)This product is characterized that it uses the far-infrared radiant heat heating system providing you with wamth like sunsine but its cost is inexpensive unlikely fan heater or air conditioner, it provides all persons in a room with an even heating effect, without electromagnetic waves. Semi-permanent system :- Repair or maintenance is seldom required. The far-infrared film structure is simple and the durability is also high. it is not repaired or maintained at all. And it is a semi-permanent product that there is no danger of freezing in sub-zero weather.
Carbon bollard Carbon bollard As a composite manufacturing technology using carbon fiber, it is developed by bonding 3mm thick carbon fiber. The bollard is lightweight, has excellent strength and elasticity. Carbon fiber Carbon fiber is a fiber that is carbonized by heat treatment of chemical organic fiber at a moderate temperature. High elasticity, high heat resistance, high drug resistance, light weight, reflective of aircraft, automobile parts, golf clubs, etc. It's used as an ingredient. BOLLARD Prevent vehicles from entering the sidewalks and prevent them from obstructing pedestrians' safety and traffic. It has a function to eliminate the cause of safety accidents and sidewalk damage that can occur when a vehicle is parked or stopped. CARBON BOLLARD Safety Carbon manufactured with a thickness of 3mm in accordance with the Act on Pedestrian Safety and Convenience Promotion; In the event of a low-speed vehicle crash, the Bollard will be able to protect pedestrians and facilities with a powerful anti-traffic effect. Safely protect. * Impact mitigation effect due to carbon material's unique elasticityUtilization The logo, phrases, etc. of local governments shall be engraved on bollards to effectively promote the region; It can be used as a campaign. High-brightness reflective sheet paper is attached to secure the visibility of drivers and pedestrians. Carbon bollard (CFRB) Characteristics In the case of Ottogi-type bollards, the vehicle may be tilted to 60 to 90 degrees upon contact with the vehicle, so that the vehicle may be tilted to the vehicle due to the driver's carelessness. It can prevent scratches and damage to the bollard.
Far-Infrared Ceiling Heater Far-infrared ceiling heater :- The warmth that you can feel at a sunny place in a still cold winter's day, it is the principle of this system. The NES far-infrared ceiling heater is the heating system that keeps your body warm without electromagnetic waves and good for health. Principle of Heater :- Existing heating systems must heat the space in which heating targets are included up to the designated temperature for a long time by convection or conduction to heat the heating targets But, the NES radiant heating system radiate far-infrared rays emitted from a far-infrared panel to heating targets.and so them in a short time regardless of intermediate. Feature :- Heating good for health by emitting far-infrared rays and anions :- This system accelerates blood circulation by emission effect and stimulates cellular tissues and is effective in stress relief and it creates a lot of anions and acts to sterilize and purify air. Comfortable heating without dust, noise, smell and humidity :- The radiant heat heating system does not create fine dust, noise, or smell due to heat circulation. So you do not feel any headache or thorat pain. Safe heating without burn danger by ceiling installation :- This system is installed in the ceiling keeping away from children or the elderly. It is safe and there is no damage.

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