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Company : Nuri

Year Establishment : 2018

Introduction : Nuri Inc., an agricultural company, is a food-tech startup company established in 2018.
It manufactured and sold home-cooked cook kits with direct research and development of fresh eco-friendly food ingredients, and small and medium-sized businesses such as food and food processing | food manufacturing and sales | agricultural distribution, processing, sales, and agricultural management.
Working on food-related R&D for your health, various food manufacturing and development projects based on nutrition management system services, and are expanding R&D areas with research capabilities and technologies held by Nuri.

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RECIPURE Soothing Gel Essence RECIPURE Soothing Gel Essence helps the skin with antioxidant effects, inflammatory relief, skin moisturization, skin regeneration, whitening effect, and skin barrier enhancement. Suitable for sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol. Vegan cosmetics that do not experiment on animals. Fermented rice flour ferments the “rice flour” to make it rich in nutrients and have a good effect on the skin. Fermented rice flour contains Niacinamide, a ingredient that can help whiten skin, strengthen skin barriers, and prevent aging. ""Eastern prickly pear"" is a cactus from Opuntia that grows in Korea and can be frozen inland. The succulent perennial stems are usually succulent like cacti, with several cuts like joints. There are many shapes, including cylindrical, ball, and oval shapes, and they can be classified according to their shapes. There is a waste pipe and a bunch of coffins near the epidermis. ""Eastern prickly pear"" is a plant that has excellent moisturizing effects while enduring the cold winter. It contains flavonoids and has excellent ability to reduce inflammation and improve aging. It is also rich in vitamin C, which is 45 times the amount of apples and 24 times the amount of oranges, which brightens the skin color, reduces moisture loss on the skin, and helps maintain small pores, elastic, smooth skin, and wrinkle-free skin.

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