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Company : Nurri

Country : South Korea

President : Ju Seok Kang

Year Establishment : 2018

Introduction : Nurri is a food-tech startup established in 2018. It specializes in researching and developing healthy food products.Its main brand 'reci:pure' offers pure natural cosmetics made only with clean, organic ingredients.

Main Markets : South Korea

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Reci:Pure Soothing Gel [ reci:pure soothing gel ] EASTERN PRICKLY PEAR RICEFLOUR Soothing gel (Tube type 300ml) • It gives dry skin a lot of moisture, and it contains Tocopheryl Acetate to help exfoliate and skin care at the same time. • It makes smooth and elastic skin and keeps moisture for a long time to make clear and transparent skin. • Apply an appropriate amount to dry and sensitive areas such as the body and face and apply them frequently to absorb them. ? FEATURES • Joint Development and Production with Kolmar Korea • Hypoallergenic Soothing Gel with minimal harmful ingredients without alcohol • Skin soothing and relieving effects • Vitamin C contained in eastern prickly pear • Nutrition effect of reinforce Vitamin C capsules • whitening effect of fermented rice powder • Effect of maintaining the oil and moisture balance of fermented rice flour ingredients ? FUNCTIONALITY • Soothing gel with functionality of fermented rice flour and eastern prickly pear • Nutrition of eastern prickly pear and vitamin C capsules, moisturizing, calming and cooling effects. • whitening effect of fermented rice flour, prevent freckles, balance oil and moisture, anti-aging ? SUITABLE FOR • all people • Patient with dry skin due to nourishment and prevention of skin diseases • Consumers with sensitive skin that can easily cause skin problems or acne • It is targeted at infant caregivers and has a cooling effect with less irritation to the infant's heat and heat rash • people who prefer K-beauty • Consumers who want whitening effects

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