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Company : Ondam

Country : South Korea

President : Kim Jong Rye

Introduction : ONDAM Smart Carbon Heating Seat is a heating product made of BEC carbon fiber heating element which is the best eco-friendly energy nanotechnology.

It was developed with my extensive experiences in heat, such as Chairman of International Heat Therapy Association, Director of Korean Society for Naturopathy,
Director General of Leciel, and university lecture.

We made the product considering not only the quality but also the users' health, and for the convenience of the users, it is equipped with convenience features including mobile phone,
App, and automatic thermal control.

We will continue to make the best products and do our best for research and development so that heat health through carbon fiber heating element can become world heat culture.

Products by "Ondam"

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Product Name Description
Smart Infant Carbon Heating Cushion Seat Feature:-

1. Smartphone App temperature adjustment and control, human body detection system.
2. Electricity safety certification, electromagnetic wave safety certification, infant textile saftey certification.
3. With luxurious design,the item to help children's health.
4. Can be variously used when outside, and for diaper changing travel, car seat and bouncer.
5. Machine washable because heating element is detachable (use a laundry bag).
6. Available as a 3D air mesh cool mat for summer if seat cover and heating element are separated.
7. Easy to charge with a mobile phone charger.

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