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Company : ONESKIN

With 50 years of manufacturing technology and state-of- the- art cosmetics CGMP manufacturing facilities, ONESKIN COSMETICS will be a strong partner for you as you prepare to grow into a global brand with a good raw materials and safe products.

Country: Republic of Korea

Main Markets : South Korea | Main Products : White Lie, Lily white Skin Cream, Edge Cutimal Face Mask

Website : www.oneskin.co.kr

Phone : +82 63-633-7220

Email : one030@oneskin.co.kr

Address : 43 Simyo-gil, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea

Products by "Oneskin"

Main Items

Product Name


White Lie, Lily white Skin Cream


 It is a white cream for whitening the skin. Work as moisturing on all types of skin dry, oily,flabby and aging skin to make the skin clean and bright.


- It is very effective for people wanting whitening with a soft feeling.

- It gives shiny, whitening, moisturizing, and taut feeling to dry skin at the same time.

- It is a whitening cream immediately to make clean and bright skin.

- Contains 10 certified organic extracts from USDA and is also effective for whitening and wrinkle removal.

- Can be used on all skin, aging skin and flabby skin, and also helps to treat blemish and sensitive skin.

- Contains EGF extract to excel in cell barrier and helps skin elasticity and upper skin.


 - How to use:

(1) Use the product at the last stage of base make-up every morning.

(2) Scoop a moderate amount of the roduct with the cream applicator spatula onto your face and gently tap with your finger to make sure it gets absorbed.

(3) As the whitening level depends on how much of the product is applied, contrl the quantity in accordance with the desired style.

Edge Cutimal Face Mask


 It is a interesting skincare facial mask made with only gentle and non-irritating ingredients.


- Organic combination of licorice, root rhodiola rosea L, damask rose, dandelion leaf and olive leaf extracts contain nutrients that regulate the sensitive skin to make the skin smooth and fresh.

- A hypoallergenic mask pack that removes all of the ingredients that cause skin troubles so you can use it safely on sensitive skin.

- Animal Mask Pack Printing is safe to use without any problem with food color that can be relieved even if you eat it.


Cat Whitening Mask, Sheep Aqua Mask, Tiger Anti-wrinkle mask, Pig collagen mask, Panda nutriment mask, Duck soothing mask

Roroko Layering 4pc Eyeshadow


With simple four multi types, you can apply various colors and sparkles gently to make your eyes look natural.


Natural, Multi Color, sparkling

Smooth fine particle with no entrapment at all.

You can use easily in your own style.


#01 Coral, #02 Pink, #03 Nude, #04 Muse

Each palette contains 4 eyeshadow colors.

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