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Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2013

Introduction : Pitch Cable Co., Ltd., a company that considers the harmony of technology, people, and urban environment .

Pitch Cable Co., Ltd. is a research institute company with excellent technology, and has grown into a company that does its best in planning, production, and management based on the corporate management method of the parent company UnionCity Co., Ltd. In addition, we are expanding the area based on our perfect know-how from design to manufacturing, delivery and construction .
As a company that considers the harmony of technology, people, and urban environment ,
We will always do our best to become Pitch Cable Co., Ltd. that puts every effort into every step.

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Carbon heating bench Carbon heating bench The carbon heating chair is a bench composed of carbon heating elements with excellent thermal conductivity and durability, and consumes much less power while generating the same amount of heat as conventional benches using nickel chromium wire. Expected effect · Provides effective warm facilities for the cold-stricken (elderly, children and pregnant women) · Improving citizen welfare and realizing a high-quality creative economy Create a warm space when using public transportation (ex: bus, subway, railway, etc.) in the cold winter · Improving civic culture by improving the quality of life Advantages of carbon heating bench Temperature and time timer A timer and internal/external temperature detection sensor are attached, allowing manual operation by the administrator ?Power consumption Low power consumption reduces electricity bills and prevents unnecessary power consumption Wireless charging Smartphone wireless charging possible Carbon heating element Increased user satisfaction by using a carbon heating element as a heat source ?Secure safety There is no risk of electric shock to the human body as it operates by DC24V by supplying AC220V electricity.
Snow Melting System "Snow Melting SystemMeans of securing traffic safety in areas where traffic accidents are expected, such as slopes or curved sections, tunnels, parking lots, underpasses, and bridges during winter snowfall and freezing An efficient snow removal system that prevents safety accidents at vulnerable points such as freezing of the road by automatically detecting temperature, humidity, and snow by burying and constructing a carbon fiber heating wire at a certain depth under the pavement. Advantages of the snow melting system 01. Easy maintenance by finding the origin of defects by section and partial repair 02. By applying the SCR system, the system life is reduced by maintaining uniform electricity supply and stability to the heating wire. 03. Carbon heating cable has high tensile strength compared to nickel chromium wire and has excellent durability. 04. Low coefficient of thermal expansion due to heat generation, so it is very stable against physical deformation 05. No short circuit due to vibration during contraction, expansion or heat generation of the road 06. Can be used semi-permanently due to strong corrosion due to oxidation 07.Maximized snow melting effect by increasing the concentration and efficiency of heat conduction by using AL cap 08. The product best suited to the smart era by applying and operating a remote control system (IoT) 09. Priority purchase of SME products as performance certified products 10. Real-time monitoring and remote control central management system of products installed using LTE network
Carbon Heating Steam Room Carbon Heating Steam Room - Carbon Heating Jjimjilbang is two types of fixed type and mobile type. It is a product that is beneficial to health that has excellent sweating effect and promotes blood circulation even at low temperatures (45?~60?). Features of carbon heating steam room 01. Reduced maintenance cost and easy construction with a carbon heating element product 02. Easy space utilization, indoor installation possible 03. Sweaty and non-sticky even at low temperatures 04. Excellent thermal conductivity 05. Can be assembled and moved 06. Promote blood circulation

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