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Company : Raongreen

Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2017

Introduction : We want people to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology.
The world is undergoing rapid changes with technology, and changes in technology are bringing changes to everyday life.
We want to become a company where customers can grow and share joy through our technology so that customers do not get out of the center of the change.
A company that makes joy with technology, a company that shares the benefits of technology and enjoys, and a company that grows together and enjoys, we are Raon Green.

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AR smart shrimp farm system software Automation of measurement of shrimp ?
farm environment
- Artificial Intelligence Activities
- Real-time water quality test
- Real-time oxygen control
- Real-time valve adjustment
External monitoring through cloud ?
Cost reduction ?
- Multi-channel CCTV
- Automatic Risk Alert
Historical management and increased ?
- Electronic Condition Analysis
- Automatic farmed diary recording
- External Weather (Temperature)
- Production History Management
AR smart shrimp farm system device - To increase the general purpose of installation of equipment, AP, communication module, sensor module, etc. were implemented separately, so only communication modules such as Wifi, LoRa, ZigBee3, DigiMesh, Bluetooth, LTE, and 5G can be made and used separately. Sensors can also be configured to suit fish farming environments and fish species, not directly power, but adapter -> charge (6600 mA) -> system, which can be charged with solar power to avoid power outages or electricity closures, and can operate at least 7 micro amps (7 µ A) for long periods of use. (7 A -> µ 0.01 mA, excluding communication environment implementation)- We measured acidity (pH), ammonia (NH4), nitrite (NO3), and nitrate (NO2) through a single equipment tailored to the shrimp farm, and tracked the entire process of hydrogen sulfide so that it can be prepared at each point. To prevent malfunction of data and errors in measurements, we developed a reference sensor to check the normal.
AR smart shrimp farm application - Smart fish farm management APP and professional management sensor developed by us can monitor information stored in cloud apps in real time, and can easily manage mechanical facilities using AR technology. You can also make video calls with experts through the app and receive convenient A/S services.

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