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Company : SmartreumbangE Inc.

Country : South Korea

President : Haejin Youn
Sangwoo Bae

Year Established : 2018

No. of Employees : 4

Introduction : SmartreumbangE Inc. was established in 2018, develops and sells product that make life easier for customers. Our main product is multipurpose shoe care appliance Capsule S and we are developing
shoe-related home appliances. Our goal is to research and develop creative and innovative products to provide our customers with more convenient life.

Main Markets : Worldwide

Products by " SmartreumbangE Inc. "

Main Items

Product Name Description
[Capsule S] Multipurpose Shoe Care Appliance -Multipurpose shoe care appliance
Capsule S can keep shoes clean and refresh through deodorizing, drying and sanitizing inside of shoes that are hard to clean. It is a wireless shoe care appliance that can be used anywhere after charging. Also you can use this product to helmet, gloves, hat, mask and everyday use belongings.
- [Portability] : Capsule S is small and light as 350g, installed large capacity battery, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.
- [Auto-mode] : In this mode, the sensor checks humidity of your shoes, it sets the optimal time and operates automatically, anyone can easily care your shoes.
- [Low Heat Drying System] : Capsule S dries the inside of the shoes uniformly, it doesn't transform the color, material and shape of shoes by 50? of hot air convection method. After that, UV method eliminates remaining bacteria and self-sterilize device, it removes the humid environment.
- [Easier than Ever]
You can manage your shoes by pressing the button. Check the charging, mode, time and UV-C on LCD.
- [ Multipurpose Kit]
Use this product to your hat, gloves, mask and other everyday use belongings with multipurpose kit.

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