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Country : South Korea

Year Establishment : 2017

Introduction : COMPANY - Our executives and staff work hard through ceaseless innovation and devotion, to make human lives better and ensure sustainable future for the current and generation. Continuous development and efforts to improve battery performance Tera Technos manufactures and supplies SiOx, a silicon-based anode material that can overcome the limitations of conventional andoe material for batteries and realize high capacity high effciency and hihg stability at the same time based on source technology that has been studied for more than 10 years, We are collaborating with research institutes around the world to achieve sustainable innovation. We believe in adherence to roles and responsibilities as a for-profit organization and a member of the wider community. Tera Technos is committed to global leadership in the silicon nanoparticle-based advanced anode materials market and to contributing to the rechargeable battery market that has an increasingly important role in everyday life. Rather than merely aiming to generate profits, we are striving to ensure a sustainable future for our descendants through environmentally-friendly and future-oriented innovations. In collaboration with industry-university-institute cooperation, we are taking the lead in fostering talented people who will lead the future eco-friendly energy industry. We welcome cooperation with various research institutes all over the world to develop new business models and the battery industry.

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Product Name Description
TERA SERIES - SiOx-carbon somposite series - High performance carbon composite siOx anode material Particle Size < 20um (D90) Specific surface arae 5 - 20 m2/g
TSG SERIES - SiOx - graphite mixture series - Graphite composite SiOx anode material for mass production Practicle Size < 30 um (D90) Specific surface area 5 - 20m2/g
TSO SERIES - SiOx additive series - SiOx raw material for multiple purposes Particle Size < 80 mm (D90) Specific surface area 120 - 250m2/g

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