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Company : THE DEUM

Country : South Korea

President : Lim SukYoung

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EPP heating board EPP heating board Excellent single-season resilience, ease of processing, and eco-friendliness. 'Gyeol: Nam Card Mercury. Hexagonal & Pmalteid Bros' Nanin Cover (PB`
Heat Sink Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet -Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is called tin sheet or tin sheet by putting a thin zinc film into a sheet containing molten zinc. It is used to prevent corrosion of steel and is used as a roofing material. In order to increase the quality, we do not use unnecessary materials that increase the consumer burden, such as inserting aluminum molds into the pipe, and finish the construction with only zinc steel. For example, if the finishing material is a steel floor/deco tile, a bond is applied because the finishing material adheres to the floor. When working with a bond, the floor rises and grunts when working with a bond because of the different coefficients. It is not recommended to use, other than those that do not use with a bond, they can be used without any problems.
Boiler water, rain, double seal system switch 5 100% discharge within 3 to 5 seconds after turning on ( 750 degrees or more) Special heater with more than 10,000 hours of continuous use (high durability t, low (eg price HI, high dream, high efficiency carbon heater) heating boiler mode 3 section, 4 section heater 3 heater heater and mode hall space space Imm Imm & is a schematic diagram of the structure of a heating test boiler with hot water circulating in the space

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