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Volcankorea 03 Cladix's Volcankorea 03 Cladix's Sgalp Recipe Cleansing Oil Cleansing oil for scalp Efficacy Clear scalp waste WHO? Those who are concerned about dead skin cells accumulating on the scalp
Cladix Hair Gloss Ample With Vitamins & Growth Factors 1) Efficacy-Vitamins and growth factor complex Ample l 2) WHO? -Those who want a healthy scalp and hair Cladix 17 Fermentation Herb Complex Efficacy of Activating Hair Roots and Hair follicles Activating Hair Roots and Hair follicles WHO? -Those who want to improve scalp health.
Volcankorea Shampoo Treatment Cleansing Shampoo 02 Cladix Treatment Cleansing Shampoo Cleansing shampoo that uses salt water from the sea 1) Effectiveness This shampoo contains more than 30% salt, allowing you to simultaneously care for difficult scalp and hair. Provides moisture-Excellent for removing dead skin cells and wastes accumulated between hair and hair. Betamine and panthenol, a product that allows clean hair and clean scalp stiffness, are used to effectively realize the elasticity and soreness of the roots of the hair 2) WHO? Those who want a healthy scalp and hair Those who are troubled with scalp that is stressed by yellow dust and fine dust ※How to use After soaking the scalp and hair with lukewarm water, apply an appropriate amount and massage gently, then rinse 7 cleanly with lukewarm water.

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