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Company : WIS

Country : South Korea

President : Chae Seungseok

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SMOKCATCH The 'smokcatch' of WIS is a product with 3 patents registered and 3 applications.
All components use non-combustible materials and minimize the risk of fire by minimizing pollutants with compression technology.
It is the product which solves the problem of smell and smoke generation which is most annoying at smoking and improves the Design and reflects the needs of the user to complement the problem of general ashtray..

Size: - 400 * 350 * 1030h
Capacity: - 8 ~10 L
Weight: - 50 KG
Power consumption: - 65W
Sensor: - Front and Rare Side detection sensor.

The main function is designed to reduce the volume so that the automatic fire extinguisher ashtray can be utilized more easily and easily, and to reduce the fire anxiety due to pollutants and visual and olfactory discomfort. The convenience of accessibility was enhanced through the relatively easy purchasing through the Public Procurement Service.

The four-sided motion detection sensor eliminates square areas and has a high-performance sensing sensor applied inside and outside, making it easier to identify and manage the outside world.
Improved unnecessary power dissipation makes it suitable for installation and use in any location.

It is a completely nonflammable product with a structure that does not show the appearance of the pollutant and does not come up the smell, and it has fast auto-combustion function using the pressing roller. This is to prevent the fire hazard of the general ashtray and is the biggest advantage of WIS products.

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