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Company : WONBIO

Country : South Korea

Representative: Won Kwang-hee

Year Establishment : 2018

Introduction : WonBio leads smart farming by combining core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with agricultural technology. We are focusing on discovering corresponding technologies through analysis of future agricultural markets.WonBio is a company that develops smartfarms to grow insects and plants easily andsafely.
By 2050, the world's population will reach9 billion, and the world's hunger and food
crisis will become serious,so we developed a smart farm to solve these social problems.
As a smart agricultural infrastructurecompany, we will establish ourselves
as a leading company in the future ofagriculture by realizing the core values of safety, convenience, and economics.Until the day we become Asia's bestagricultural infrastructure company, wewill always be with our customers.
Thank you.

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Capsule type smart insect breeding machine The capsule-type smart insect breeder creates an optimal breeding environment for insects to grow well, as well as provides educational materials for insect education for children, which are compatible with smart breeders for insect production on farms. Function : [For educational purposes] Children's insect teaching materials : •Used for Insect Experience Learning for Kindergarten andElementary School Students. •Improving awareness and expanding base of edible insects •Used as a breeding machine for insect breeding at home. •Used as a food breeder for reptiles and birds. [For farming households] Edible insect breeding machine : •Automatic Control of the Optimal Growth Environment for Insectsto Grow Well •Reliable mass production in a hygienic environment •Low labor input enables stable income •Increasing rotation rate of smart farms due to reduced breeding period •Reducing Labor Force with Automation System (Aging Farmers and Improving Labor-intensive Environments) •Productivity improvement (Increase productivity by more than three times the existing output) •Securing stable farm income (Contribute to stable settlement of agriculture and vitalization of agriculture) •shorter working hours (Improve conditions and quality of life in agriculture by reducing working hours from eight hours to twohours a day with an automated system)

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