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Company : YOUGI IND CO.,LTD.

Country : South Korea

President : Park Dae-kwon

Year Establishment : 2001

Introduction : Yougi Ind Co., LTD is an eco-friendly company that has been researching, developing and manufacturing BIOCHAR for 18 years since 2001.
Biochar has excellent effects on soil improvement, promotion of crop growth, carbon dioxide reduction, fine dust reduction, livestock excretions odor reduction, and improvement of salt accumulation disorder.
Boochar increases crop yields by improving devastated soils, and Biochar's carbon in the soil decreases greenhouse gases by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
This characteristic of biochar is in line with the company's slogan, "It creates green from black, which symbolizes the promotion of crop growth and environmentel preservation through biochar.
The company is equipped with a production system by developing a unique patented technology that can mass-produce high-quality Biochar using biomass, thereby producing biochar products that can replace the demand for existing soil ameliorants.
The company will continue to research and develop eco-friendly Biochar to contribute to the development of agriculture and environment industry, as well as to save our farmers and farmlands.

Products by "YOUGI IND CO.,LTD."

Main Items

Product Name Description
YOUGI Biochar – High-quality soil ameliorant YOUGI Biochar – High-quality soil ameliorant
Yougi Biochar is effective for soil improvement and crop growth as well as for reducing carbon dioxide and improving salt accumulation.
Yougi Biochar is supplied in all fields of agriculture including soil ameliorant, bed soil’s raw materials, compost additives etc.
Fine dust reduction
Livestock excretions odor reduction
Salt accumulation disorder
Soil improvement
Promotion of crop growth
Carbon dioxide reduction
Characteristics of Yougi Biochar -
1. Microhole with lage surface area.
2. Excellent permeability and nutrient holding capacity.
3. Promotion of root development and crop growth.

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